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Every month we have a joint session with guest speakers who teach and discuss different topics. 

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Food is a very important part of our culture. It is an expression of cultural identity. It is way of preserving and remembering our roots no matter where we live in the world. 

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Financial literacy is important but this is not always taught in schools.

Our financial education programs are facilitated by  Barclays Bank Peterborough. 


Mentoring: Young people are linked with mentors who act as experienced and trusted advisors.


Coaching: Young people have weekly coaching sessions. These sessions support young people with thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their current and future potentials. The sessions help to identify values and encourage young people  to think BIGGGER.


Mutual Respect Project: A safe place where friends from different culture can come together to discuss and understand each other's cultures without prejudice. We believe if we understand each other, we can be tolerant of one another. 

It is important to be tolerance in today’s stressful world in order to unity and reconciliation in our communities. 

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We facilitate sessions via training and activities that teach about black history and cultures.

These sessions are open to all irrespective of their colour or culture as long as they have an interest in Black History

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Music is very therapeutic. Research shows that music can be used to reducing stress, emotional and behavioural problem. It can also help with physical problems such as lowering blood pressure, reduced heart rate and relaxed muscle tension.

Additional music is such an important part of African culture. At High Heritage we have different music projects including; 

  • Classical Music

  • Cultural Music 


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We offer Summer Sports Progmram for young people to keep active during the summer holiday. 


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Say No to knives

When you take a life, it is much more than that

It is the plans, the dreams,  and things we can't compact

The past that means so much and the future yet attained

The folks left to grieve and the many words unsaid

The child left behind and the gaps to be filled by friends.


A life is not in Silo, it is a Mass of Cells

So PAUSE, THINK, BREATHE AND AKS before you hate

What IF it was you on the other side of fate.


Written by Tayo Emmanuel-Utomi

​Rest in peace kwabena alfred

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