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One of the most significant public health measures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic has been extended periods of ‘lockdown’ which has had significant effect on the mental well-being of young people.

As lockdown measures begin to ease, there is a need to understand the impact the lockdown has had on young people. It is important to help young people with skills to help with resilience, wellness and well-being.  

The Activities we provide include: 

Mentoring: Young people are linked with mentors who act as experienced and trusted advisors.

Coaching: Young people have weekly coaching sessions. These sessions support young people with thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their current and future potentials. 

Young people are acknowledged and affirmed. The sessions help to identify values and encourage young people  to think BIGGGER.


Mutual Respect Project: A safe place where friends from different culture can come together to discuss and understand each other's cultures without prejudice. Because we believe that when we understand each other better, it is earlier to be tolerant to one another. 

It is important to be tolerance in today’s stressful world in order to unity and reconciliation in our communities. 

These sessions are moderated by professionals.


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