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about US

High Heritage was registered as a Charity in October 2020 although we have been working with young people for over 6 years prior to 2020. Our work as a charity originates from our passion to improve the lives of young people age 6-18 in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. 


We have various projects that we organise as a charity. We take the safety and safeguarding of children and young people very seriously. We are committed to:

  • The welfare of children and young people

  • For all children and young people  to be able to participate in a fun and safe environment

  • We will take reasonable steps to protect children and young people from harm and degrading treatment.

  • We will respect children and young people rights and wishes.

  • We will work in partnership with parents and young people and other organisation. 

Although we work with young black people, our principles are of inclusiveness, tolerance and fairness. We will ensure there is equal access to the employment and service opportunities.

Our source of strength and influence as a Charity lies in the fact that we have built Trust in our Community for over 6 years. We also understand our Community and the People.  

our objectives

  • To build confidence in children and young people

  • To engage in the mindset of 'learning and growing' in our young people. 

  • To organise different programs and events to develop young people's wellbeing skills, capacities and capabilities.

  • To improve the conditions of young people by providing fun, recreational and leisure time activities.

  • To equip and empower young people for the future.

  • To improve young people's employability potential for the future. 

  • To enable young people to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals. 

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